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Regarding the piece on body surfing Southern California beaches in 1940, "A Favorite Summertime Sport," Nana Wigton, 24, is described as a Santa Monica body surfer and model. As teens we were introduced to body surfing on a Santa Monica beach in 1962 at what was then called "Sorrento Beach" which stood below the California Street Incline leading from Palisades Park to the Pacific Coast Highway and ocean. (Nana's photo was probably taken at the Santa Monica pier near Muscle Beach, approximately one half mile farther South.) In those days board surfing was just breaking out on a commercial, that is, popular level. Prior to the late 1950s and early 1960s, board surfing seemed largely restricted to local beach kids in Santa Monica and the beach communities farther South. These beach cultures certainly knew of and passed on knowledge of the great Hawaiian waterman Duke Kahanamoku who had introduced board surfing, (and probably body surfing), the flutter kick/crawl swim stroke, and even beach volleyball to Southern California in the 1920s and 1930s. Returning to body surfing--even by the 1960s board surfers were still expected to know how to body surf as a sort of "rite of passage." Today, body surfing is making a gentle return in the public's awareness, yet it has never disappeared. It is considered the purest form of surfing. 

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