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I reviewed this edition because my wife asked to see some of the editions shortly following the atomic blasts that ended WW2. What she saw, immediately, was that "LIFE" in 1945 was actually "WHITE PEOPLE'S LIFE". I scoured the edition, looking for any black folks...and eventually found them. Page 68, at the top, I did find black people. I even found a black woman. Of course, they were both servants, how did you guess?
I am glad this edition, and all the others are here, so that we - here in the far flung future - can look back at our ancestors and see them in their unblemished, candid, misogynistic and racist glory. And any time we hear someone calling them the "greatest generation" we will have these pages to look back on for factual documentary evidence that, at the time, the "Great Society" was only "great" if you happened to be a white man.
It is what it is, and looking at it head on is the bitter pill of recent history. Thanks for keeping it here.

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