The Sink: How Banks, Lawyers and Accountants Finance Terrorism and Crime - and why Governments Can't Stop Them

Robinson, 2004 - 391 páginas
In 1994, when Jeffrey Robinson, author of The Laundrymen, first brought to the world's attention the problems of dirty money --- revealing how otherwise legitimate lawyers, bankers, accountants and even governments were helping drug traffickers hide the proceeds of their crimes --- he labelled money laundering the world's third largest business, estimating that at any given time there was around USD300 Billion circling the globe, looking to get clean. Now, in the sequel to Laundrymen, Robinson calculates that the dirty money business has doubled in under ten years and is ever more sophisticated (law enforcement and concerned governments flounder in its wake) - and he lays the blame on the offshore world. In an eye-opening tour de force of investigative journalism, Robinson reveals the state of the art of business-as-crime worldwide. As vast profits are turned into seemingly legitimate money, lawyers, bankers, accountants, brokers and governments have sold out to the mob and terrorists learn the lessons too and use Western financial networks to finance attacks on those same systems.

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