The Sink: Terror, Crime and Dirty Money in the Offshore World

Constable, 2003 - 391 páginas
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In the globalised 21st century, where organised criminals and international terrorists reign as the most powerful special-interest group, money laundering has grown from a niche white-collar crime into an industry that reaches deep into legitimate business and government. Following in the footsteps of his previous international bestseller - The Laundrymen (heralded as the definitive work on money laundering) - Jeffrey Robinson brings the story full circle, back to the netherworld, where the business of crime and the business of terror do their banking.

In his highly readable, devastating expos , the first thorough dissection of the dark heart of global capitalism, Robinson follows a trail of dirty money as it moves from the streets of Manchester and Karachi, Chicago and Dubai, via the Channel Islands, to the beaches of Antigua, the Caymans and the Pacific. It is a path that leads ultimately to the dealing rooms of New York, the vaults of Zurich and the plushest boardrooms of the City of London.

Dirty money drives much of the world's economy. But who exactly are the people behind its shadowy operations? Robinson fingers them, lifting the lid on the lawyers, bankers, accountants, company formation agents, CEOs, despots and governments who have created - and who actively sustain - this world of window-dressing regulations. It is a world where the criminal, terrorist and corporate giant live side by side, beyond the reach of the law, growing into forms of weightless, invisible power.

Society has to face a stark choice. Either to find the will and the means to bring law and order to the offshore world. Or to lie down and accept a future of pervasive corruption and the possible collapse of any real democracy.

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Jeffrey Robinson lives in London and is a graduate of Philadelphia's Temple University. He served four years as an officer in the US Air Force until 1970 when he moved to the South of France and began writing for magazines and journals. He has more than 600 published credits tohis name. He moved to London in 1982 to concentrate on writing books and is now an internationally bestselling author of some 20 books, including the widely acclaimed The Laundrymen: Inside Money Laundering, the World's Third Largest Business and The Merger: How Transnational Organised Crime is Taking Over the World. A native New Yorker, he now lives in Britain.

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