Lives, Translated from the Original Greek: With Notes Historical and Critical; and a Life of Plutarch, Volumen3

Hickman and Hazzard, 1822

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Página 218 - Having said this, he approached the doors of the treasury, and, as the keys were not produced, he sent for workmen to break them open.
Página 158 - Nor is it always in the most distinguished achievements that men's virtues or vices may be best discerned ; but very often an action of small note, a short saying, or a jest, shall distinguish a person's real character more than the greatest sieges, or the most important battles.
Página 349 - My brothers, friends, and daughter left behind — False to them all, to Paris only kind ! — For this I mourn, till grief or dire disease Shall waste the form whose crime it was to please. The king of...
Página 203 - ... but they were astonished at his patience under toil, so far in all appearance above his bodily powers. For he was of a slender make, fair, of a delicate constitution, and subject to violent headaches and epileptic fits. He had the first attack of the falling sickness at Corduba. He did not, however, make these disorders a pretence for indulging himself. On the contrary, he sought in war a remedy for his infirmities, endeavouring to strengthen his constitution by long marches, by simple diet,...
Página 218 - you are not ignorant that this is harder for me to say than to do.
Página 223 - THOU COMEST, (FOR COME I KNOW THOU WILT,) I AM CYRUS, THE FOUNDER OF THE PERSIAN EMPIRE : ENVY ME NOT THE LITTLE EARTH THAT COVERS MY BODY. Alexander was much affected at these words, which placed before him in so strong a light the uncertainty and vicissitude of things.
Página 169 - Only stand a little out of my sunshine," said Diogenes. Alexander, we are totil. was struck with such surprise at finding himself so little regarded, and saw something so great in that carelessness, that, while his courtiers were ridiculing the philosopher as a monster, he said, " If I were not Alexander, I should wish to be Diogenes.
Página 104 - The very name of Pompey had terminated the war." However, in pursuance of his charge, he divided the whole Mediterranean into thirteen parts, appointing a lieutenant for each, and assigning him a squadron. By thus stationing his...
Página 54 - To scape the wars, to Agamemnon gave, (JEthe her name) at home to end his days ; Base wealth preferring to eternal praise. Next him Antilochus demands the course, With beating heart, and cheers his Pylian horse. Experienced Nestor gives his son the reins, Directs his judgment, and his heat restrains ; Nor idly warns the hoary sire, nor hears The prudent son with unattending ears.

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