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My father, james senac, father of gaston KYLE senac, would be absolutely heart broken to see this kind of misprint... my brother didn't commit suicide because some music idol did!! And to the step mother i didnt know existed, i hope you see this...
-Morgan Alanna Senac

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It may be inconsequential in the bigger picture, but the author gets the dates and sequence of the West Virginia sniper shootings wrong.
In fact, there were four such murders, all from a distance at
night, and all sniper-style.
The first, was actually at Charleston's Kanawha Mall in March of 2003, when Randy Burgess was shot twice in the chest while exiting a Kroger supermarket. He died the following day.
The second murder was at the Charleston Bigley Avenue GoMart on August 10, 2003, when Gary Carrier was killed while using the outside pay phone.
Jeanie Patton was shot and killed with a high-powered rifle while she pumped gas at the [unincorporated Charleston suburb of] Campbell's Creek Speedway convenience store on August 14, and Okie meadows Jr was murdered about an hour later and about 10 miles away, at the Cedar Grove GoMart -- a town southeast of Charleston. He was paying for milk through a security drawer.
Michael McCoy

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My step-son's name was NOT Gaston LYLE Senac he was Gaston Kyle Senac! Too bad all these books were written with misinformation and shame on Sgt Jim Hanson for doing this to our family!

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