Running on Empty in Central America?: Canadian, Mexican, and US Integrative Efforts

University Press of America, 2006 - 174 頁
Running on Empty explores the efforts of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. to deepen their involvement in the economy of Central America. Despite organized efforts and initiatives--all belong to NAFTA and FTA--only the efforts of the U.S. succeeded, while Canada failed, and Mexico still struggles. Why? In this new work, author A. Imtiaz Hussain questions if it was in fact HOW they negotiated their case that precipitated their success or failure. In a structured focused analysis, which references the works of Richard Feinberg, Mark Habeeb, and Alexander George, among others, Running on Empty examines Canada's Central American Four Free Trade Agreement (CA4FTA), U.S. strategic imperatives such as CAFTA and their trading history in Central America, and Mexico's ongoing reconstruction efforts. The work also inquires about the implications of increased activity in the Central American economy, such as widening societal and environmental gaps and CAFTA ratification strengthening FTAA momentum at Brazil's expense. Intended for use by students and scholars of international politics and economics in North, Central, and Latin America and political scientists, this work explores an increasingly prominent economic and political issue.



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關於作者 (2006)

A. Imtiaz Hussain is Professor of International Relations at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. He has published articles and books and is a frequent presenter at various academic conferences.