Healing Our Bloodlines: The 8 Realizations of Generational Liberation

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The 8 Realizations featured in Healing Our Bloodlines by G. K. Hunter reveal a path to liberation from the cyclic pain passed down from elders to children.

These realizations were gleaned from 15 years of multi-cultural workshops and client sessions where participants bravely faced their family trees to discover the invisible burdens that they had inherited. As they lifted those burdens, they found their special gifts that were germinating deep inside. Those who have embodied the 8 Realizations were rewarded with 8 Birthrights, the very nourishment that empowered them to release their past hurt, embrace their true passion, and celebrate their most authentic identity. By walking this path, you become a Catalyst for generational change.

New York Times Bestselling Author Andrew Carroll endorsed Healing Our Bloodlines, saying: "History has a way of leaving indelible, even deep scars on a lineage, and those wounds often find their way to the next generation of the family tree. But Hunter has discovered an empowering way to lift the sometimes painful remnants of the past, demonstrating to his readers an approach that sheds this melancholy and helps them to become the living legacy of a healed and inspiring lineage."

More Endorsements:"I have spent my life transmitting tradition as a vital and profound means of confronting and celebrating life’s hard earned truths. George Kamana Hunter has shown me that trauma can be transmitted along with tradition and has distinguished between storytelling and burden dumping. His insights are deep, his wisdom profound, his strategy fascinating and his goals admirable. I have learned much from Healing Our Bloodlines. It has put into words and into exercises some of struggles of a lifetime of learning, wrestling with the past and trying to create a better future for myself and for the world in which I live. The great Hasidic Master Menachem Mendel of Kotzk once said: 'Nothing is as whole as a heart that has been broken and mended.' G. K. Hunter shows us why."

-Michael Berenbaum, original Project Director for the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum & Author of The World Must Know: The History of the Holocaust

“Healing Our Bloodlines is a powerful tool for understanding the trauma which affects us all. George Kamana Hunter eloquently and poignantly shares, with unique personal vulnerability, wisdom on how to find a path to freedom and healing. It is an unveiling of truths which are sorely need today."

-Joanne Shenandoah, Grammy Award winning artist, multi-cultural peace advocate, & Native America’s most celebrated musician.


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Unfinished Family Stories
Our Bodies Hold the Pain
Generational Pain Rank
Becoming a Catalyst
Preparing for Your Journey
The 4th Birthright
The 5th Realization
The 5th Birthright
The 6th Realization
The 6th Birthright
The 7th Realization
The 7th Birthright
The 8th Realization

8 Realizations Bring Us 8 Birthrights
The 1st Realization
The 1st Birthright
The 2nd Realization
The 2nd Birthright
The 3rd Realization
The 3rd Birthright
The 4th Realization
The 8th Birthright
Final Chapter
You are not doing this work alone
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G. K. Hunter is author of Healing Our Bloodlines: The 8 Realizations of Generational Healing, which is a guidebook that chronicles his development of a form of inter-generational healing called the Bloodline Healing Method TM. After 15 years of working as an Intuitive Healer with Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Native Americans, the homeless, veterans, and physicians, Bloodline Healing became a step by step process to unburdening the heavy history that we all inherit from our ancestors. By releasing these invisible burdens, we can claim our innate gifts and expand to meet our most purposeful and liberated life.

George Kamana Hunter is the director of Sakura & Pearls: Healing from World War 2 (Dec 2019), a documentary about Japanese Atomic Bomb Survivors meeting the American Survivors of Pearl Harbor. It's the first time that the approach of Bloodline Healing was captured on camera, resulting in deeply emotional exchanges between people who had survived some of the most monumental events in history.

Known as an electric speaker, G. K. Hunter has presented at such venues as the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center & Cornell University. Visit gkhunter.com for an in-depth peek as his work.

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